Bielefeld Buildings Conspiracy

The 28th edition of the Buildings conference is held in Ghent (where I am currently based) this September. [Note that this is unrelated to the actually buildings which you live and work in. The mathematical branch of building theory is abstract algebra. I have one post mentioning them.] Now I am not in the habit of announcing conferences here, so why this post? (It isn’t a good reason.) I just had a look at the list of invited speakers on the conference homepage (accessed on 24 August 2022, 22:04, Belgian time):

Only one “tba”. For the University of Bielefeld. Among all “silly” conspiracy theories, the Bielefeld conspiracy (in short: Bielefeld does not exist) might be the most popular one: Tom Scott made a video about it, Angela Merkel referenced it in a speech, people, who claim to be from Bielefeld, regularly express their frustration with it, and some people claim that it is no longer funny. (But it is a German joke, so maybe it never was funny.) Anyway: the “tba” should not surprise anyone.


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